Axis Forces page 3
Sgt. MajorWolfram by DID   item#W17                   $129.00
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Bodo Spranz , Stug Ace  item#W18                                 $88.00
Bodo and Crew
Oscar Boesch Pilot   item # W19                                                       $105.00
George Bose, Stug Platoon ,   item #W20                           $88.00
Erich Schwarz   1939,   item #W21                                      $88.00
Alfred Kurzmaul, DX07 signature edition, item# W22            $188.00
Item comes with orginal
signature card signed by Alfred
Johann Huber, Signed Box edition   item #W23                $225.00

Erwin Stangenberg,                          item#24                 $200.00
Hans, 1st ann. Edition,   item#W25                               $88.00