Classic Dragon Figures
Classic Dragon figures from the early days are listed here
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Klaus , Operation Barbarossa 1941,  Item #C1                     $50.00      

Fritz,  Wiking Division Panzer Kommander  item#C2            $88.00
Hermann, Totenkopf NCO,  item#C3                               $45.00

Wilhelm ,  Panzer Grenadier   item#C4                             $45.00
Karl, Feldgendarme   Item#C5                                       $45.00

Winter Gerhard         item#C6                                       $75.00
Werner , Special version, on left,  item#C7                                $95.00

Volker, Totenkopf Grenidier       item#C8                                  $55.00
Steiner, (Cross of Iron)   on left,   item #C9                                 $125.00

Spring Alfred, (with Medium size Summer Camo Tshirt) item C10  $125.00