SS Oberst Sepp Dietrich by DID    X1                                     139.00
New Releases
Miyazawa Kazuo, Japenese Zero Pilot by 3r     item X2                    $120.00
X2                                                         $120.00
Private Ryan, (Matt Damon)  by DID    item  
X3                                                                                             $139.00
, Russian Sniper (Ron Pearlman) Enemy at the Gates, by DID  X4       
Major Achbach, German Communication Officer,  by DID  X5     $159.00
Chicago Gangster John as played by Johnny Depp   X6       $225.00
Chicago Ganster 2   item X7
Robert, (DeNiro), as played in the Godfather 2                                $120.00
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