Planes,  Armour
To order an item, please
make a note of name and
item #  and then email me
I will calculate shipping
and send you a paypal
DID 1/6th Kettenkrad, with trailer  Item#Z1                             $250.00
Desert Rats jeep, 1/6th scale , item #Z2                 $149.00
Messerschmidt BF109, byUltimate Soldier 1/18th scale   item # Z3  
Item is new in box                                           $125.00
BF-109 Desert Camo , 1/18th scale by Elite Force   item# Z4          $160.00
1/18th scale P38 Lightning, Ultimate Soldier ,item#Z5         $!59.00   
Old Crow P-51, 1/18th scale by Ultimate Soldier item #Z6  $150.00
Metal Panzerschreck Kit , by Soldiers Story item #Z7      $49.00