Political Figures
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Herman Goring, by 3R in his Dark Blue Uni      item # G1                $295.00

Goring in his Powder Blue Uniform ,    item # G2                           $250.00
Reichsfurhrer Henrich Himmler, In the Past Toys item#G3,        $175.00
Reinhard Heydrich  by In The Past Toys  item# G4                  $150.00
Rudolf Hess , by In the Past Toys  item#G5                    $295.00
Adolf Hitler, ITPT Toys  item# G6                                        $195.00
All items new in the box
All items are new in the box
Grimminger , by 3R     item#G7                                        $139.00
Otto Bittman , by DID   item #G8                         $175.00
Hitler Youth, Tim Duco         item#  G9                     $188.00
Hitler Youth  Hermann Weber item#G10                     $188.00
Weber is on the left
Leon, SS Musik Korps   item# G10   (he is on left)        $160.00

Aaron  SS Musik Korps  item #G11                              $145.00