Waffen SS Pg. 2
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Joachim Peiper
SS Kommander
KampfGruppe Peiper
Ernst Kruger, "Wiking Division" (Dragon)  item#SS12    $89.00
Johann Sigel" - SP Gun Commander,  by Dragon, item# SS11,   $125.00
Kurt, LAH Division, by Dragon  , item#SS13                    $99.00
Remi Schrijnen, Knight's Cross Winner,  (Human Wave Figures) item#SS14
Remi single-handedly destroyed eleven enemy tanks with a 7.5 cm Pak 40 to
win the award as a  Private.                               $150.00
Rolf Wagner, Kamfgruppe Fundsberg, item#SS15              $50.00
Phillip Wagner, Wiking NCO, item # SS16                     $125.00