Elmo Freytag, by Dragon   item # W11                     $85.00
"Dietrich Koppe", Jagdpanther Commander  item #W12      $49.00
Axis, Page 2
Arno, Defense of Berlin      item #W9                               $75.00
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Leon Basin by DID       item# W10                                    $155.00             
Ernst Kalt, Pionier (Engineer) by Dragon,  item# W13               $125.00   
Andreas Zillmer, (Oberleutnant)    item#  W14                          $95.00
Eugen Schrange, FJ Mortarman w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer 42,
Fallschirmjäger Regiment , item # W15                 $75.00
Eugen Patzer,  Me110 crew  item #W16                     $79.00